About the author

Before deciding to publish his studies, the author worked in education in the UK and abroad – in Kuwait, Libya and China. From 1991, he served for nine years on the executive board of an established international Church: The Union Church of Tripoli, Libya, during the rule of Gadaffi (one of the very few Churches having official recognition) – completing that service as chairman.

While serving the Church in Libya, he co-ordinated with the British Bible Society for the importation of several thousand Bibles in English, French, etc. to serve the expatriate community, mostly with the official approval of the Libyan religious affairs and customs authorities. These were the first importations of this kind into Libya and were supported by Evangelical ministers in Malta. The author, in addition to administrative responsibilities, had a preaching role at the Church and was called upon to speak at various Christian fellowship services and studies.

In the year 2000, he moved to live in China for seven years with his wife and family, where he started the website www.bible-study-online.org and began writing this book: ‘The Biblical Revelation of the Cross’ – (first edition pub. 2006). This earlier version formed the foundation for the current publication, which includes Part 1 and Part 2. See a review of Part 1 (as it was originally published) @:


As a Christian, the author looks back to October, 1982, when he had a ‘born-again’ experience that changed his life and outlook. In 1984, he was confirmed at a special ecumenical service into the Anglican, Methodist and United Reformed Churches and was baptized at a Baptist Church in the same year. (Quote: ‘I was actually very keen on the ecumenical movement at that time, but I could not agree with attempts to embrace other faiths. It seemed to me that too many in the movement had ceased to accept the authority of Scripture. However, I still have a strong desire to see Christians becoming united in a deeper spiritual sense.’)

Norman McIlwain hosts the website “bible-study-online.org”.

He was born in Liverpool, England, and presently lives with his wife and children at his home, near Swansea, Wales.