Reference and study aids

The following are some of the websites for Bible studies that I have visited and found interesting. I must add, however, that this list is not intended to imply that I either endorse or am associated with these sites and views expressed (if any). We can respect and even learn from the opinions of others, without necessarily being in agreement. Sometimes, as iron sharpens iron, we need the stimulation of ideas and perspectives that challenge our own, to come to a deeper and richer understanding. This list will be revised as time goes on. Blue Letter Bible Lexicons/ Strong’s etc. : A truly extensive resource of links for biblical research Early church textual archive A vast resource for biblical studies Search original source documents (Latin, Greek, Hebrew, etc.) – Simply superb! Dictionaries of Ancient Greek Resources – easy to use study aids, dictionaries, concordances, Bibles, etc.  (inc. Vulgate) Vast resource links to academic sites for biblical studies : Early Church Documents Sacred texts archive: Christian, Jewish, Gnostic, etc, etc : A RC website for documents of church history Ethereal Christian Library (Calvin)/ Church Fathers, etc. The LXX in Greek and English, Brenton, 1851 Internet text archive : Ancient literature, etc. Book reviews, blog, information and comment from Phil Groom

NT Wright’s ‘The Cross and the Caricatures’ at Fulcrum

Ancient texts used by the authors of the book ‘Pierced for our Transgressions’ (a book supporting ‘Penal Substitution’) A website of Ton de Ruiter (‘Jesus in us’: Dutch language)